Day 120 – September 6

2471.4 Lake Janus to 2499 (27.6 miles) –

Woah. Today was intense! Left camp around 7, hoping that it wouldn’t rain. The day ended up being somewhat warm and the sun peeked out every once in a while! I hiked without any breaks until almost two. My belly was pretty angry about that. Actually… the endless supply of perfect blueberries along the trail slowed me down quite a bit. So worth it. For lunch, I stopped at a campsite and made an apple, almond butter and granola burrito thing. It was beyond tasty! I found another backcountry pit toilet and took a luxury forest poop. 

I headed up another big climb, trying to go as fast as I could so I could fit in two extra miles for the day. I hiked and hiked non stop, with the most glorious views all around. It started to get foggy and chilly, but I was sweating up a storm. My hands and cheeks were numb, but my pits said otherwise. 

Not very many northbound folks were around today… I only saw a couple. I saw quite a few SoBos though, weird. I passed one and she said “ohhhh goodness. You have NO idea what’s coming….” That spooked me a bit. But I got this! Only 6 more days! Very tough days….

I set up camp in the fog and made dinner. One of the best dinners I’ve had on trail! A giant avocado, sweet potato and bean burrito. Belly is very very happy. A deer came through my camp! So pretty. 

I’m extreeeeeemely tired. G’night!

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