Day 119 – September 5

2461.6 Stevens Pass to 2471.4 Lake Janus (9.7 miles out of town) –

Left Stevens Pass at around 1pm after a very lazy morning. Chatted with Smoosh, Hummingbird and KingBird until I could finally get myself to get off my butt and head out. When I finally left the building, I ran into Coppertone (a former Pct hiker and current trail angel). He told me about some fun things to do when I get to Minnesota, he’s from there. I’m so stinking excited!!! After that, I started walking to the trailhead.  Once I reached it, I looked at the lodge, back at the trail, looked at the stormy clouds above, and then back at the lodge again…. And started heading BACK TO THE LODGE. What was I thinking? I don’t know. But I sat back down and ordered a chai tea latte…. Whoops. After some more laziness, I realized Canada is only a week away… I jumped up, said my goodbyes and headed to the trail again, for real this time! 

I hiked about 10 miles, through the prettiest terrain. Loads of moss, streams, huckleberries and OH I SAW MARMOTS! I missed those little chunkers. Makes me miss the Sierra! 

I plan to reach Canada by Monday the 12th. Possibly the 13th if I have to wait for my passport to reach Mazama. My brother is leaving tomorrow to come get me! I’m excited for him to drive up, it will be a great experience for him! ONE WEEK UNTIL I GET TO SEE MY DOG! AHHHHH! I miss her terribly, he’s bringing her with. 

Only 178 miles left!!!

8:44pm: there’s definitely a bear in my camp. I hear branches breaking and bark being pulled apart (they do this to find insects). I’m spooked and now I can’t sleep. There’s tons of berries all around me… Ahh!

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