Day 110 – August 27

2253.2 to 2280.8 (27.6 miles) – 

My body is mush. My feet are throbbing and my knees hurt even to the touch! What is happening?! I’m 350 miles to the finish why am I falling apart NOW?! But holy moly… Today was a real adventure!

I was solo the whole day, but I really crushed it considering I woke up late, and got into camp early. Plus the weather has been absurd today. I didn’t see anyone at all until 10am. Once I got into Goat Rocks National Forest (and realized it was Saturday) the day hikers started pouring in. So many of them!! I understand why though. Goat Rocks is SO BEAUTIFUL! Reminds me so much of the Sierras. I miss it. 

The majority of the day was windy, cold and cloudy. Up ahead was Knifes Edge (this crazy ridge with steep cliffs on both sides). I had been looking forward to it for the past couple days. The views from up there are to die for. But of course, right before I reached Knifes Edge, it started raining, I couldn’t see a thing, and the wind was blowing me all over the place. My pct guide app says “terrifying in bad weather”. So of course, I was a bit freaked out and I started asking folks who were heading south if they thought it was a bad idea for me to head up. Most people bailed and were heading back to their campgrounds to escape the wind and rain. They thought I was crazy. But one couple gave me a bunch of fruit leather and wished me luck! I took that as a sign that I should just go do it, so I threw my rain jacket on and started heading up. When I reached the start of it, the sky started clearing a bit and the rain stopped. THE VIEWS WERE SO STUNNING YOU WOULDNT BELIEVE IT! Washington, you’re great. The ridge wasn’t as scary as everyone made it seem, it was really fun! The rest of the hike afterwards was pretty tough on my feet and knees. Super steep up and down, with loose rock and gravel all around. 

My feet have never ever hurt this bad. I don’t know what to do. I’m using different shoes, and I guess my feet aren’t used to them? I don’t have any other pairs at home. I’m hoping my feet get used to them and I won’t have any crazy problems. I’m so close to the end, it would devastate me if I injured myself! I elevate my feet when I sleep, and massage them when I can. Wish me luck!

I got to where I wanted to camp, and there was one other tent. There’s another girl here, she’s section hiking Washington solo! We spent the night talking about food and sharing stories. She spends a lot of her time working on organic farms! Pretty cool stuff. She referred me to some interesting things. 

Only 11 miles to White Pass tomorrow! I can’t wait to pick up my resupply and be lazy for a bit. I don’t have any food left really… One bar, half a bag of green beans and a tiny bit of mustard… I cut it a bit close there. Fooooood!!


3 thoughts on “Day 110 – August 27

  1. So glad to have an update!! You are so close to the end, I can’t believe it (but I can because you are a rockstar) Can’t wait till you get back to regale us with tales from your grand adventure. Until then keep posting the AWESOME pictures and updates. Love you 💗

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