Day 109 – August 26

2226.9 to 2253.2 (26.3 miles) – 

Somehow I woke up at 5:45am this morning… Am I okay?! I actually miss waking up that early. I think I’ll try to do it more often. It was pretty chilly, but after a bit of uphill, I was a little too toasty! 

We started the day well, with a ton of motivation and a lot of energy. Most of our day was spent talking in old man voices, playing the harmonica (very terribly) and laughing at each other’s farts… We got great mileage in before noon! However, when we got to the water/lunch spot at 1, we ended up staying there for almost three hours. Whoooops. 

Penny and I were set on doing at least 30 miles today, to make up for yesterday. But you know how that goes!! At around 5pm, we found a note left for Penny, that her lover boy left for her, letting her know that he’s right up the hill and wants to talk. I decided to push on, she said she would either catch up tonight to camp or try for tomorrow. I ended up hiking solo for 7 or so miles to camp. I reached the pond and tentsite hoping friendly folks would be there, but it looked like I was going to be camping solo considering the time. After I built a fire and set up camp, an older fellow named Slim Jim rolled in and asked if he could camp nearby. Of course I said yes… the next tentsite is 3 miles away! Plus, it would be nice to chat around the fire and not camp alone in the woods! I have been paranoid lately for some reason. The other day with the bear noises got me spooked. Slim Jim and I had dinner, talked a bit and said our good nights. 

I currently hear something crunching around near my tent… Eeeek!


Update: I had a bear attack nightmare dang it

2 thoughts on “Day 109 – August 26

    • I’m usually carrying a liter and I fill up everything I run out, there’s tons of water through this stretch. But I drink maybe a liter or so every 10 miles! Not enough haha

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