Day 108 – August 25

2209.5 to 2226.5 (17 miles into town)
Packed up and was about to head out and then Penny started boiling water for tea… Then we sat forever. Tea on a cold morning will always suck me in! It was an easy 6 miles to water, where we met some folks who were heading into Trout Lake. Apparently that town has incredible huckleberry lemonade… So we started thinking about heading to the road to get a ride there! We had no expectations to get a ride, though. I didn’t mind if it was going to work out or not. 

When we reached the road, there was a table and chairs set up and an entire menu of things that a trail angel brought up! He made root beer floats, had snacks, resupply snacks, and a hiker box! Also, the cutest dog evvvvvver. I MISS MY DOG SO BAD! Ahhhh!!!

Soon enough, we were offered a ride into town. When we arrived, I ordered my lemonade and uploaded photos. Such a cute little town! 

We only did 17 miles because we ended up having trouble getting back to the trail before dark. Oh well, I’ll make it up!

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