Day 107 – August 24

2184.7 to 2209.6 (24.9 miles) – 

Penny and I started around 7am after a super great night of sleep. Of course there was another big climb! But we hiked to some picnic tables at a parking area near the trail where we found trail magic (WOOO!) first trail magic in Washington! There was water, beer, Gatorade, pastries, cookies, clif bars, carrots, pita chips, dip, and a trail journal. I couldn’t eat most of it but seeing people’s faces glow when they reached it made me so happy! Further up the trail, we met an older woman picking huckleberries. She was the kind lady who left all the trail magic! We chatted a bit and she told us about all the berries and we started to devour every huckleberry along the trail… Our bellies are full of the most tasty berries I’ve ever had! We ended up hiking 10x slower since we stopped every 5 seconds for pickin

Later, we reached Bear Lake, the last water source for the next 10 miles and also where we wanted to camp. It was only going to be 20 miles in, so we continued. It started to get dark and we couldn’t find anywhere to camp. I heard loud rustling noises in the brush nearby and nearly pooped myself. Penny grabbed onto my pack as I screamed like a baby. We started to get paranoid so we began to sing old nursery rhymes in ugly voices as loud as we could as we continued as fast as we could down the trail. 

It grew completely dark and there was still no luck with finding a place to knock out. Penny can basically sleep anywhere with her hammock, but I needed to find a flat space on the ground. We thought about splitting for the night but I was being too big of a baby to stay somewhere alone. As we kept hiking on, we spotted a giant bear sized hole in the hill next to the trail which spooked us, so we started making crazy noises. Right in front of us was a tent with someone sleeping inside… Whoops! Way to freak someone out. 

Soon enough, we found a decent spot in the woods where we could finally knock out. I’m exhausted! 

Penny update: day two no cigarettes is complete! She feels great, and hasn’t gotten all crazy grumpy like she usually does when she doesn’t have a cigarette. Yay! However, she had the worst case of the farts ever known to man. Help.

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