Day 106 – August 23

Rock Creek 2163.7 to 2184.7 (21 miles) –

This morning I headed out of camp solo. Last night, just penny and I set up camp and about an hour later, Griz, Brad, Crafty and the puppy showed up. I planned on waking up and heading out super early, but ended up taking a while longer trying not to pack up loudly or wake anyone up. There was another big climb this morning that took me a while to defeat. When I reached the top around 10am, I decided to stop and eat. Right when I was about to start hiking again, Penny and an older section hiker named John caught up. John is such a nice dude!! So optimistic and kind hearted. He’s hiking from Seiad Valley to Canada for his summer. Go John!

Update on Penny: Day 1 of quitting smoking!! Even with being around other smokers off and on all day, she didn’t give in! Woooo!!!!! She’s super motivated and excited to be quitting so far. I know she can do it. She decided to part from her trail boyfriend because she knows he’s not good for her to be around in order for her to grow. Sometimes you have to give things up to better yourself. 

Its my “lady time” and I ate the majority of my snacks in a day and a half. I still have 4 days until my next resupply. I. Love. Snacks. If anyone wants to send snacks I have 3 more resupplies left! I can’t stop eating send help…

If I average 23 miles a day, I can finish he trail in 20 days. By September 12th! This is so crazy. I can’t believe it’s almost over. In a way I feel sad, but I’m also incredibly excited about life after the trail. My brother just got a new car to come pick me up, and we get to road trip together back home. It will be so fun! And then a couple weeks later is my birthday. Lindsey plans on flying out and then we will take our road trip to Minnesota where I’ll be living for the next year. I plan on making so many positive changes to myself and the way I’ll be living. Change is so exciting. I look forward to everything!

Photos: a beautiful view with Mt. Adams far in the background, I saw a giant slug, spilled almond butter down my jacket, and uh… Penny spends 70% of her days laughing at her belly

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