Day 74 – July 22

North Fork Feather River 1338.1 to Hat Creek 1367.1 (29 miles) 

In Lassen Volcanic National Park! It’s beautiful (and really really hot). I saw another bear this morning! He was only 10 feet from me… I actually didn’t even see him until the guys in front of me yelled and waved me down. I thought they were waving hello so I just said hi back… Whoops! The bear blended in perfectly with the log next to him. He was probably about 2 years old, pretty small and scrawny looking.

Out paces are different, but I spent my breaks with Click, Cheese Beard and Squints. Fun guys! Click got an amazing photo of the bear. He carries around a hassleblad! At lunch, a ranger chatted with us for a while and told us they see at least one bear a day in the area, and that one of them killed a deer right in front of them the other day. Yikes!

29 miles later, we are all camped out at Hat Creek. Cowboy camping with the spiders (and deer eating bears?). Old station for breakfast tomorrow morning in 3 miles, and then I’m going to aim for a 30 mile day. Next day will be Burney Falls State Park with my aunts Lisa and Joan who are meeting with me to camp out! So excited. 

Day 71 – July 19

1262.9 to Williams Cabin Site 1290.1 (27.2 miles)

SO. EXHAUSTED. 27 on a town day, I’m so proud of myself!

It was 21 miles to Belden Town, and I made it before 2pm. That’s pretty impressive! It was a bizarre descent from 7,000 feet all the way down to 2,000. As I got lower, the heat got more and more intense. Belden is a really small and interesting place. Pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but I’m glad I went. The trail goes right through it! I went into town with Golden and Snacks (facts about Snacks: He’s a really nice 24 year old dude from Australia who likes to make bad “dad jokes”, wears short shorts, and he ate TWO giant burgers in town.) the three of us spent the day together. Eating, talking and swimming in the river. I didn’t want to pay for a shower or laundry, so we used the river. It was so nice! The perfect day for it. 

We were in Belden Town for about 5 hours. The time flew! We didn’t want to get stuck there for the night so we decided to night hike 6 miles up the giant climb ahead. Back up to 7,000 feet! It’s a beautiful night. The moon is stunning! Golden stayed at a single tentsite about half a mile back, while Snacks and I are at the large tentsite where there’s a few others and a fire ring. Golden likes to camp alone! I wish I was more like that. I wish I didn’t get spooked so easily. Maybe I’ll try it more often. 

I didn’t resupply in Belden, but my next resupply is in two days! I’m excited. Drakesbad Guest Ranch! There’s hot springs…


Oh yeah! We picked blackberries along the trail. So yummy!

Day 70 – July 18 

Alder Creek 1234.4 to 1262.9 (28.5 miles) – 

What a crazy day. I woke up and hiked out by 6:30. I realized I really like dry granola lately rather than hot oatmeal. It’s so much faster and less fuel! It was nice to have on cold mornings, but it has been super warm lately. I think I’ll stick with it for a while. 

Everyone planned on hiking to Middle Fork Feather River for lunch and swimming. There was a really nice, deep swimming hole where everyone took a dip. Surprisingly, the water was not cold at all! I feel so much cleaner. 

I made THE BEST sandwich EVER. (Hiker hunger, I don’t know if it would be this good at home) It was my favorite seedy bread with a massive glob of coconut peanut butter, banana chips, and granola with blueberries. So flippin’ tasty I almost cried.

 I was down at the river for almost two hours. Right after, was a huge climb. 3,000 feet over 8 miles… not super fun. Plus it was beyond hot today! I took my time. At 6pm I reached Lookout Rock, where there was cell service. So of course, I facetimed Linds for an hour. She just signed the lease for the new place!!!! I’ll be moving there shortly after the trail. I’m really excited actually!! I’ll be living in Minneapolis for about a year to save money for another big adventure! If I were to move out of my parents house while living in SoCal… I have no idea how I would afford anything. The weather will surely be different, but it’s so much cleaner, healthier and more affordable than SoCal. It will be good for me! 

By the time I got off of FaceTime, it was already past 7. But I was only at 23 miles for the day! I somehow managed to do 5.5 more miles before 9. The only campsite I saw had a comment on the GPS app saying “was going to camp here but a bear was here first, so we kept going”. It spooked me out since I would be completely alone and it was already getting dark. I basically ran to beat the darkness. I ended up finding Golden, Swiderman and two others in a random unmarked site. It was a relieving surprise. I didn’t want to keep everyone up by cooking, so I mixed dehydrated  bean dip with nutritional yeast and pumpkin seeds and ate that super fast. Pretty good actually! Then I ate the last of my dark chocolate bar.. Whoops. So much for lasting until my next resupply. 

I’m sore and incredibly exhausted, but content. Today ended up being a lovely day. Also, this section is gorgeous! Goodnight. 

Day 69 – July 17

Dirt road 1203.2 to Alder Spring 1234.4 (31.1 miles)  –

31 mile day!!! And I was in camp before 7pm! Pretty proud of myself actually. AND I was running on 2 hours of sleep…

About that, here’s a little update on last night. I ended up setting up my tent last minute in the dark instead of cowboy camping because there were spiders everywhere. The stakes wouldn’t go in the hard ground so I had to use rocks as tie downs. However, the wind was craaaazy and the rocks moved so my tent was flapping around and such. The whole night. I kept trying to fix it, but the rocks around weren’t heavy enough. I tried to sleep through but nothing worked. Eventually, at 4am, I decided to throw everything out of my collapsed tent, crawled out and slept on the ground like a baby for about an hour. I shouldn’t have even set up in the first place. Dirt and spiders are my friends!

Anyways, today I managed to do the first 15 miles before noon. Pretty dang good. I even stopped at 10am for my first lunch break where I made the best sandwich. That’s right. A sandwich. 

I started the day alone, but at noon I caught up to Swiderman and Golden and we hiked the majority of the rest of the day together. We were flying! 

A few miles back from where I’m camped, there was a road where I was offered trail magic. Turns out they were assisting a guy named Carl who is currently trying to beat the fastest PCT record. He’s on day 26! All he had was poles and a trail running vest. His buddies met up with him along the way with food and everything else. Pretty crazy stuff. 

I was going to stop at 26 miles, but decided to push 5 more because it was still so early. Golden stayed behind, and Swider showed up about an hour later. It’s just me and 5 dudes. Conversation between 5 23-27 year old guys is uhh… interesting. 

I made noodles with veggies and ate a whole bar of dark chocolate. We all sat around the fire and hung out until sunset. My tent is pitched properly, and I am warm and content. Goodnight!

Day 68 – July 16

Tentsite 1184.7 to dirt road 1208.1 (19.7) – On the trail by 6am and cranked out the 11 miles into Sierra City. It was mostly downhill so it was nice! I reached the highway and saw Scabs! A girl I met at Deep Creek Hot Springs way back in the desert section. She was headed the other way, to Chester. I waited a while for Banjo, but grew impatient while thinking about the food waiting for me in town. I ended up meeting a girl named Golden and we hitched together. We got a ride super quick from a couple of girls headed the same way. 

When we arrived at the cute little mountain town of Sierra City, I ran right into the General Store where Lindsey sent my package. When I told the man at the counter that I had a package there, he just looked at me and pointed at the massive mess of packages in the back of the store insisting that I search for it myself. I searched through boxes for 10 minutes until I found mine. 12 pounds of greatness. I bought a peach and two cans of pineapple juice and headed to a shady spot where I would just about cry of happiness and pain over my new resupply. Happiness because it’s all my favorite stuff, but pain because it’s an added 10lbs on my back!

I hung around town for about two hours and gathered the strength to leave before getting sucked into staying. “But there’s free camping and showers at the church!” “Come hangout with us at the swimming hole! There’s a rope swing!” NOPE! I am getting stronger. IM COMING FOR YA CANADA. 

I left with Golden and Swiderman. Right away was our biggest climb since the sierras. About 3,000 feet over 8 miles. With a freshly heavy pack, the mid-day heat and a waterless section. 

It took what felt like forever, but we made it to a place to camp. 20 miles on a town day ain’t so bad. I had to stop myself from devouring all of the tasty food I got. I have to make it last 5 more days. We talked all night about crazy stuff, it was pretty fun. I was going to cowboy camp until I saw three good sized spiders by my face. Set up my tent last minute in the wind. I did a horrible job and its flapping everywhere but I’m too lazy to fix it. Good night!! 

Also, our ride back to the trail was in a fed ex truck!!!!! Heck yeah. Special delivery!

Day 68 – July 15

Spur to I-80 rest area 1157.6 to tentsite 1184.7 (27.1 miles)

I totally forgot to write a blog post last night I was so pooped. We camped out near the I-80 highway rest area. There was access to CLEAN FLUSHABLE TOILETS!!! And a water fountain. Banjo was bummed out by the fact that there was no soda machines. But being able to wash my hands and face and poop comfortably was good enough for me! 

We woke up around 6 and aimed for a 30 mile day. If we were to get out butts up earlier, we would have done more than 27. Regardless, we will be in Sierra City tomorrow morning. Only 11 more miles! Mostly downhill. Banjo is a dingus and sent his package to the PO which is only open TWO hours tomorrow. And then closed Sunday of course. We have to make it there before noon, which shouldn’t be a problem. My lovely box will be waiting for me at the general store. I’m so excited!

Today was actually pretty wonderful. We stopped for lunch where I ate the rest of my food besides what I had left for dinner. The hiker hunger is so real out here. My belly is a black hole right now. I have really been craving a giant veggie burger. I can’t get it off my mind. But every place I stop that has a veg burger, had milk and/or eggs and I die a bit inside. One day out here I’ll find one!

All day, Banjo and I talked about how much kindness we receive out here compared to the “real world”. I really cannot believe it. We went on for hours! But honestly, never have I experienced so much generosity and love. It’s so beautiful. We talked about how everyone who has been kind to us, will receive so much back. How people who do good things, receive good things. Later I saw him picking up garbage on the trail and taking back mean words. It made me so happy! He’s a cool kid. 

Currently, we are cowboy camping on top of a hill. There are other campers, but I’m a bit far away. I didn’t set up my tent so I could save time in the morning. Plus, the bugs aren’t TOO bad and it’s a beautiful warm and clear night. However, I still get a little paranoid out here. Super lame, I know. I just keep hearing snaps of twigs, or crunching leaves. Never fails to freak me out! Then I think about how my ultra thin cuban fiber “tent” really isn’t much of a difference and wouldn’t really protect me from anything besides rain and bugs… For some reason being in a tent feels 1000000x more safe. IM FINE. I need to stop being silly. It’s a perfect night, and there’s a perfect day coming tomorrow. 

Day 65 – July 13 

1108.7 to Five Lakes Creek 1135.9 (27.2 miles) 
Such a fantastic day!!!! 

The terrain was great, no massive hills, no crazy water crossings, it was mostly shady all day, barely any snow….. As much as I love the Sierra Nevadas, IM SO GLAD IM OUT OF THEM! My favorite thing is getting to have dry feet for a while! I’m also able to go so much faster, it’s great!

Right on the trail I saw a rattle snake for the first time in quite a while. He wasn’t very happy.. Along with another little yellow and black snake right before it! I missed snakeys. No one else saw them! I feel lucky. 

After 16 miles, around 12:30, Banjo and I reached a road and trailhead with picnic tables where we planned to have lunch. When we got closer, we realized there was trail magic!! A 2013 PCT thru hiker named Story Time was there with treats, drink and a hiker box. He also was giving out custom made lighters with built in bottle openers that read “Hiker Trash – Pacific Crest Trail” on em’. Such a nice guy! I’ll post photos later. We ended up staying over an hour. There was also pit toilets aka butt heaven. I love not having to squat with my sore legs, along with not having to worry about mooning anyone!

Later on, I felt a really strange pain in my big toe… I had to stop to figure it out. I took my shoe off and realized my liner toe sock got its first hole. It was cutting off the circulation and forming a blister on my big toe. Time for new liners! Still can’t believe they have lasted for two months straight. 

The views were so glorious today. 

Banjo is a pretty cool kid. It’s nice to have someone to chat and laugh with out here. I don’t have that very often. We have a very similar pace and hiking style so it’s pretty cool. 

We planned for a 30 mile day of course, and ended up staying at 27 because there’s plenty of space here, along with water. We had a fire, and I cooked my curry dinner which was amazing!!! 700 calories, 36 grams of protein and great fiber. I topped it with nutritional yeast for more B12 and the yummy taste. My belly is happy. I love food!!! I can’t wait to really cook when I get home. 

Less than 60 miles left until Sierra City. I’m so excited to get there. Lindsey sent me a beautiful resupply with so much good stuff!!! Man, she’s awesome. I should be there in by late Friday or early Saturday. Yay!

Day 64 – July 12

South Lake Tahoe 1090.7 to 1108.7 (18 miles

– Started hiking at 1pm out of Tahoe, super impressed on how fast I did 18 miles with such a late start! So excited to do bigger miles now that I’m out of the Sierra!!! And then Oregon I’ll be FLYING. In Tahoe, I stayed in a camper on a ladies’ property that I found on couch surfing! It was so nice. She let me go into her house to shower, do laundry, eat and invited me to watch The Revenant… Which was not the best idea for me to watch while in bear country… ( you’d know if you’ve seen it). And now I’m currently cowboy camping with the bears out here… That reminds me, I saw another one while in Tahoe! He was so cute. 

I woke up at 5, determined to hike out. But I ended up falling back asleep of course, and woke again at 8. I walked down to the outfitter where I called about 20 different local trail angels to look for a ride back to the trail. After almost an hour, a lady replied and said she would pick Banjo and I up at noon. So we went to the natural foods store for lunch! So yummy. They have locally made Kombucha on tap AND ITS SO GOOD. She picked us up there and took us to the trail. We began hiking around 1. 

There were so many day hikers everywhere…. but the terrain was so easy! Banjo and I ended up hiking together today. Him and I actually started the same day, and see each other everywhere but have never hiked together! We talked the entire time, exchanging crazy stories and laughing at dumb stuff. It was a good day!!

I cooked my dinner, a veggie burrito bowl and added an avocado! Probably worth about 800 calories. Which I really need… I haven’t been getting enough! Thanks mom!!! 

There isn’t much room around this “tent site” for many tents. So I decided to just curl up in my quilt under the stars tonight. Though the mosquitos are pretty bad…. 

Oh well! My belly is full, today was great, and tomorrow will be even better! I’m happy. 

(I forgot to take pictures today… But here was my cozy and free home in Tahoe)

Day 59 – July 9

Kennedy Canyon Creek 1,006 to Hwy 108 1,017 (11 miles, Nero)
I keep “unexpectedly” going into resorts! Currently at Kennedy Meadows North. I had planned to just cross the highway, but of course the town was calling my name and I hitched in “just to eat” and now I’m staying the night…. Whoops!!!

Today was a pretty brutal hike actually. We are out of Yosemite now, and the scenery has changed dramatically. However, after about 10 miles, I reached a very sketchy snow covered ridge. I carefully got passed it. On the other side watching me while taking a lunch break, were two day hikers who told me I was the first one they had seen in the passed 30 minutes who hadn’t slipped down the mountain. Apparently all four people before me had fallen down, two were badly injured and are leaving the trail. After me, was Mr. Tree, who made it and Fury, who I watched fall down the entire mountain. It was certainly the scariest part I’ve experienced, and it was so unexpected. Way more sketchy than Forester, Muir and Whitney. So strange. 

I got reached highway 108, and an elderly couple in a convertible jaguar asked me what I was doing. I told them and they were so in awe! They had never heard of the PCT, or anyone hiking that far. They took a photo of me and sped off. I didn’t bother to ask a ride, I doubt they would like a smelly hiker in that car…

Soon enough, a girl stopped and offered a ride to Mr. Tree, Fury and I. She had the cutest a dog ever, which makes everything 100000x better. 

There are actual Cowboys here, it’s interesting. I piled my face with food, showered and hung out with all the property dogs. 

I was going to stealth camp, but I am bumming it on the floor of the bunk room. Fine with me!! Heading back to the trail at 7. Goodnight!

Day 60 – July 8

Sonora Pass 1016.9 to 1041.4 (24.5 miles) – Today was great! I hitched at 7am from KMN back to the trailhead. Started hiking at 8. There were tons of climbs all day, but nothing too bad. I barely saw anyone today, but a trail runner passed me and told said “if you reach hwy 4 before 2pm tomorrow, the road is closed for the bike race. There will be a booth set up, stop by and take any food you’d like.” I started glowing and became so excited! (Mostly because it meant I could eat extra snacks today knowing I’ll probably get more there). 

I had originally planned for 30 miles today, but 25 will do. If I did 30, I would arrive too early for the bike race! So this worked out. I still ended up getting 25 miles done in 10 hours including water stops and lunch! Not too bad. I’m so excited for the easier terrain coming up soon. More miles and less pain!

I set up camp and made a great fire to ward off mosquitos and boil water for dinner. Dinner was from the hiker box I found last night. I scored a big bag of cousous and a bag of trader joes sundried tomatoes. Mixed them with powdered hummus and it was actually super tasty. And then I ate two bars, all of my banana chips, a protein shake, and hot tea… I was hungry I guess. 

Tomorrow should be awesome! Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better. 
OH YEAH, TODAY IS MY TWO-MONTHAVERSARY! 60 days on trail. I’m really getting used to this life. Bathing in rivers, cooking over a fire or with my silly little stove, washing my clothes in lakes…. It’s all so simple and wonderful.